Lawnton Property Market

Lawnton - A suburb with many faces!

Historically a 'working man's' suburb, property prices tend to be lower than neighbouring suburbs such as Petrie & Joyner but still offers many of the same attractions such as the train station for commuters.  Lawnton is experiencing the in-flux of young families, first home buyers and renovators/investors, all seeking value for money with result that prices are moving up.  Correspondingly, long term established property owners are selling with the lure of higher prices seeking smaller more manageable homes.

A range of property types is available ranging from large 2-storey riverside homes, 3/4 bedroom weatherboard highset homes, new house & land packages, townhouse & unit developments.  Prices range from low $200k to over $1 million.  As with all real estate, it comes down to 'location, location, location..'! 

Yard size is an attraction with the older established properties - 800m2 is a common block size in these locations.  Scarcity has driven up land prices in Lawnton quite significantly in the last 3 years and the purchase of these older properties can sometimes be made for not much more than the price of a small vacant block!


Pros & Cons!


Competitive prices especially for established properties.

Opportunities for renovation & capital gain

Lifestyle - offers all the same as nearby more expensive suburbs.  Train station with 30 minute commute to Brisbane city, local shops, close to Westfields, primary school with access to public & private schools, river & parklands, swimming pool, gyms (4+), PCYC, kids sporting clubs & fields, easy access to Sunshine Coast, lakes & country, clubs (bowling, footbabll etc), ...


Prices are already starting to move!

Some stigma associated with a pocket of housing commission properties (many of which are now held privately - opportunities for good rental returns)

Recent zoning changes have allowed higher density living along transport corridors

Take time to understand

If you are a property owner in Lawnton, or a potential buyer, get an understanding of the diversity before accepting a price.  There are a number of distinct areas within Lawnton and prices vary accordingly.

If you are unsure simply send your concern through our Contacts page & we will do our best to resolve it for you (without hassling you about it either - we guarantee it!)

Lawnton Areas in Broad Terms

Areas west of the railway for 1 - 2 kms bordered by North Pine River to the north and Francis Rd to the South with ages from 60+ to 40 years. Most expensive are riverside, small acreage around the Bray Road area. Cheapies often found within 500m of train station. Pocket of (ex)housing commission just south of school
Bordered by Youngs Crossing Rd in the west are developments around 15+ years - typically 3/4 beds & 1 bath on blocks less than 600m2. New house & land properties off Todds Road in the western part of Lawnton - higher density/smaller blocks with relatively high prices. A new development is planned for 400 houses on the eastern side of Gympie Rd.
Townhouses etc.
Price concerns! Large developments on Todds Rd & near railway in last 5 years, ususally pitched to investors, have not delivered capital growth with losses common - once supply stabilises this may ease. Older townhouse/units (Groves & Mews) have not gained greatly in price but are attractive for rental returns.

Background Info

You may not know...

Lawnton is named after Stephen Lawn who was the original property owner and a blacksmith.  It is primarily a residential suburb and is 22 km north west of Brisbane city.  The railways acquired the land & opened a station in 1888 and the first post office a year later.  It is situated between Petrie & Strathpine and it wasn't until the 1960's that housing spread to it.  There are now around 6,000 people calling Lawnton home!

Lawnton has local shops in Ebert Parade as well as Ellis St, & along Gympie Rd.  It has attractive riverside parklands at Leis Park & Stephen Lawn Park - boating & fishing are popular pastimes.   The One Mile Country Club golf course is located in west Lawnton.

Large shopping centres are located in Strathpine (5 mins) and North Lakes (10 mins).

Lawnton is serviced by both train & buses