Real estate agents don't have a good reputation and unfortunately this is quite often deserved! 

We wanted to do it differently and want to be seen as doing the right thing by those people we do business with - we want to treat people with respect and in turn be treated with respect.

It is important to give control back to Sellers & Buyers of real estate properties and for us to act as a genuine 'agent' on their behalf.  We have to not just act ethically, but also in a transparent way where buyers & sellers are able to see everything that is happening & get involved.

Real estate agents are also overpaid for what they do! We offer discounted Commissions that reflect fairly on our efforts and costs.  We keep our costs down because we don't:

  • maintain a shopfront - no massive rent payments!  People rarely go into a real estate office these days - everything is on-line!
  • pay franchise fees - LJ Hooker, Ray White, etc pay up to 18% of every sales dollar in franchise fees.  We save hundreds of thousands of dollars!
  • employ large numbers of staff to sit at desks - if we need something done we do it ourselves or us a local business.  We work with other independent real estate agents to back up & support.
  • have expensive cars, long lunches, golf days, conferences,....

We do work hard in our local areas to sell houses including Petrie, Lawnton, Joyner, Strathpine, Bray Park, Cashmere, Murrumba Downs, Kallangur...

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